“Digitalization of Construction Machines: More Efficient and Sustainable Operations with IoT Technology”

“Digitalization of Construction Machines: More Efficient and Sustainable Operations with IoT Technology”

Digitalization in the construction equipment industry has been spreading rapidly in recent years. Especially IoT (Internet of Things) technology has become an important tool for more efficient use of machines. Thanks to this technology, construction equipment can provide significant exposure to business owners and their data by collecting data in their sensors environment.

The digitization of construction equipment brings significant benefits not only to business owners, but also to commissioning. For example, machines do more work at the end of less, helping to achieve precise energy and fuel results, which also significantly lowers carbon emissions.

Especially in large construction and mining sites, the use of digitalization and IoT technologies helps them to increase their intense energy ranges. In this way, businesses can achieve significant fuel savings, especially by shortening idle times.

In addition, thanks to digitalization, investment operations can be made simpler and the performance of employees and machines working in the field can be increased. While this has a positive effect on the profitability of the business, it also allows more efficient use of natural resources.

To give an example, the annual carbon emission of an average construction machine working 2 shifts a day is around 60 tons. If 10% optimization is achieved in a mine with 250 construction machines, it is seen that approximately 1,500 tons of carbon emissions per year can be prevented. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the profitability of customers, while also helping to protect the environment.

As a result, operating machines more efficiently using IoT and data mining methods and digitizing operations in construction and mining sites can be an important step towards a more sustainable world. These technologies can help them both lower their investment goals and take an environmentally friendly approach. Businesses continue their operating lives with more results and profits while fulfilling their responsibilities to do.

Özlem İlkin
Financial Operations at Tingz